Very positive return from the cross-border ICC meeting attended by a dozen companies with the aim of moving towards the creation of a cross-border cluster.

The POCTEFA COMPET’plus project continues its course. On Friday 14 January, a face-to-face meeting was held in Bidart on the subject of CCI for industrial applications.
The aim of this morning was to make progress on the bases that will allow the creation of a stable collaboration between augmented reality, virtual reality, gamification and artificial vision companies. To this end, work was done to identify the needs that the creation of such a collaboration would respond to, what each company would be willing to contribute and the type of activities that should be developed.

Firstly, it has been highlighted that the creation of a cross-border cluster could serve to increase the visibility of the sector, both by disseminating the opportunities that these technologies can generate and by identifying the ecosystem of companies that operate in this field. In addition, the companies highlighted the opportunity to collaborate with each other, either to find solutions to problems, to seek complementarities to respond to demands or to find synergies to boost their internationalisation.
Secondly, the companies agreed that they can share contacts, collaborate on real projects that they cannot develop individually, share knowledge on the different topics dealt with, and share information on networks and certain technologies that they are developing.
Finally, the activities that should be developed in the cluster were identified. The companies have identified as a priority the elaboration of a catalogue of competences of the companies. They also identified the need to organise regular meetings to share news, discuss possible joint projects, as well as to visit the different companies in order to address specific issues.
The day ended with a visit to ESTIA’s GAMES-LAB. This is a workspace for the industrial technology sector to offer companies solutions based on real visual intelligence technologies to improve their capacity for digital transformation. Bidart’s laboratory is interconnected with the GAMELabsNET laboratory network to offer solutions to companies in other sectors.
Finally, the participants agreed to prepare a collaboration agreement as well as an action plan. The next meeting in March will serve to further materialise this collaboration.