This activity seeks to identify the most powerful cross-border economic flows and the activities that fall outside the geographical area, based on the convergences of the RIS3 of the three territories, developing a joint and homogeneous vision, in order to facilitate the orientation of COMPET’plus activities around converging interests.

En este sentido se desarrollan las siguientes sub-acciones:

Analysis of the RIS3

Analysis of the regional commitments towards the competitiveness of the cross-border area as a starting point for understanding where the convergences and innovation challenges shared by the three territories lie in order to contribute to the challenge of economic growth, based on cross-border cooperation as a key factor for territorial competitiveness.

This analysis has been compiled in a publication in Spanish, Euskera, English and French prepared by ORKESTRA.

Analysis of cross-border economic flows

Based on the 4 priority thematic areas:

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Agri-food
  • Creative industries

The aim is to carry out an analysis of cross-border flows (mainly purchases and sales) of interest for each of the territories. This analysis will make it possible to analyse how the most intense flows behave in those areas of interest, and will show those economic flows that leave the cross-border area.

At their first strategic committee, the three governments of the Euroregion defined the converging sectors and the four priority thematic areas extracted from the RIS3, on which the COMPET’plus project will work in a cross-border manner:

  • Electro-mobility both in electric and hydrogen
  • Energy hybridisation
  • Healthy food
  • CCI: virtual animation collaboration line for industrial applications

Identification of innovative activities

The aim of this task is to identify those activities which, following the analysis of economic flows, have both strong and weak innovative links. The objective is to work with the economic actors to complete the strategic activities, identifying opportunities for innovation and business. An analysis of projects or solutions implemented in other territories will also be carried out in order to repatriate sales and purchase flows abroad.

Knowledge transfer sessions

The development of the action seeks to promote synergies between the theoretical field and the practical development within the project. Thus, a series of internal sessions (among partners) are envisaged to facilitate theoretical reflection on a series of critical aspects of the project: RIS3, Generation of value chains, Entrepreneurship and driving companies, and Innovation platforms.


Four priority thematic areas

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Agri-food
  • Creative industries

Innovation and business opportunities

The aim of this task is to identify those activities which, following the analysis of economic flows, have both strong and weak innovative links.

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