The second of the COMPET’plus webinars took place on 19 January. This seminar focused on the theme of energy hybridisation.

The second virtual meeting, held on Tuesday, the 19th of January, focused on energy hybridisation. The first speaker was Fréderic Perrinek, director of IFHVP (French Institute of Vegetable Oils), who stressed the importance of storage (stock) in energy hybridisation.

Mª Dolores Cardenas, Product Design Advisor at REPSOL (energy and petrochemical multinational) spoke about the different existing alternatives for the decarbonisation of energy.

Next, Mikel Sojo, Director of Innovation Projects at ACCIONA, spoke about some of the projects that are being developed, in particular a wind turbine for hybridisation of wind energy with photovoltaic energy, and the first floating photovoltaic plant.

The next intervention focused on the experience of FNX Liquid Natural Gas. Its industrial director, Iñaki Fernandez, focused on the technique of natural gas liquefaction, with a sample of several projects.

The last intervention was given by Iban Lizarralde, an engineer from ESTIA, who focused on the keys to achieving collective self-consumption through the hybridisation of energies.

The webinar was followed by more than 40 people. The interventions and presentations are available in the resources section of the website.

The next virtual meetings (webinars) will be held on the 26th of January, with the theme of healthy eating in mass catering, and on the 2nd of February. The protagonists will be creative numerical technologies for industrial applications. These meetings will serve to learn about trends and opportunities in the chosen sectors.