The third of the COMPET’plus webinars took place on 26 January. This seminar focused on the theme of healthy eating in mass catering.

The third virtual meeting, held on Tuesday, the 26th of January, focused on healthy eating in mass catering. The first intervention was given by Sandra Aguirre, Manager of the Agri-Food Cluster of Navarra (NAGRI-FOOD), who summarised the trends in catering and the characteristics of today’s consumers. She also explained that we are immersed in the “green fever”, i.e., healthy and sustainable consumption, local products and Kilometre Zero.

For her part, Amaia Aguirre, head of innovation at the AUSOLAN group, highlighted the cooperative’s commitment to healthy, sustainable foodstuffs, in which local, seasonal and organic products are a priority, in line with the European “farm to table” initiative. Nelly Veuillens, head of quality at the Bayonne branch of the AUSOLAN-BERTAKOA group, referred to the diversity of the menus they prepare in the Northern Basque Country schools, as well as their raw materials: fresh, local and organic produce.

Next, Thierry Pousson, president of ACENA (Association of central purchasing bodies for institutes and schools), took the floor, explaining that the food in school canteens must be of quality, organic and with fewer additives, and must involve all the actors: from the cook to the local community. He also explained the centralised purchasing procedures and the criteria used to analyse the offers.

The last intervention was given by Natalia Bellostas, manager of INTIA (Navarre Institute of Agri-Food Technologies and Infrastructures), who focused on showing the projects with local, sustainable and organic products in which they have participated at European and cross-border level. She also committed to fostering cross-border collaboration in this theme.

The webinar was followed by more than 48 people. The interventions and presentations are available in the resources section of the website.

The next virtual meeting (webinar) will take place on the 2nd of February and will focus on creative numerical technologies for industrial applications. These meetings will be used to learn about trends and opportunities in the chosen sectors.