Very positive feedback from the second cross-border CCI meeting attended by some forty participants.

The POCTEFA COMPET’plus project is continuing its course. A workshop on the theme of CCI for industrial applications was held on Friday 26 March.
The aim of this morning was to meet the actors of the cross-border area in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, gamification, and real applications in distance learning and industrial maintenance, as well as to exchange ideas about the needs, obstacles to collaboration, and cross-border possibilities. Nine companies had the opportunity to make presentations, highlighting their know-how and most relevant products/services. This made it possible to identify possible complementarities of service offers.
The presentations were organised in three distinct blocks:

E-Learning and Gamification. Motivational training

In this workshop, various distance learning services and applications were presented. The advantages of these services were highlighted, such as increased motivation, loyalty and improved knowledge retention. All speakers highlighted the customisation of these services, and the opportunities that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. The following companies gave speeches:

Augmented Reality for remote maintenance

This second block was aimed at presenting different options for remote assistance using remote technologies. Benefits such as efficiency, cost savings, digitisation of knowledge, travel-free service, and on-site support were highlighted. These technologies make it possible to receive support in real time and require a high degree of customisation, as they are adapted to the characteristics and needs of each customer. The following companies participated in this block:

Virtual reality to recreate risk situations, facilities or reconstruct spaces

This last block dealt with the use of virtual reality technologies to simulate situations that cannot be reproduced in reality. Their use for the reconstruction of historical heritage and tourist applications was also discussed. We listened to the testimonies of:

Speeches and presentations are available in the resources section of the website.
The next cross-border workshop will take place on 22 April and will focus on the theme: “Electro-mobility” in both electric and hydrogen – more information here.