The fourth of the COMPET’plus webinars took place on 2 February. This seminar focused on the theme of creative numerical technologies for Industrial Applications.

The last virtual meeting, held on Tuesday, the 2nd of February, focused on Creative Numerical Technologies for Industrial Applications. The first speech was given by Unai Extremo, president of the BASQUE GAME Association and founding CEO of the Virtualware Group, who summarised the keys and technological trends in the gaming sector. He also highlighted the importance and potential of the possibility of applying virtual technologies in the business world.

Nuria Iso, CEO and Co-Founder of NAUTILUS (a company specialising in virtual reality), highlighted the applications that virtual reality can have in the business world, giving as an example the use of virtual simulators for training wind turbine workers.

Fréderic Garcia, Business Developer at NOVAE (a company specialising in numerical and linguistic technologies), then took the floor to present various projects in which they are using numerical technologies for industrial applications: virtual training courses, complex system simulation. He also explained that they are focusing on developing creative 3D virtual courses aimed at favouring communication and making them attractive to customers.

The last speaker was Idoia Salsamendi, Marketing Manager of INNOVAE (a technology company that develops solutions based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), who emphasised that training with virtual reality improves safety at work, and increases the efficiency of workers. She also showed various projects they are working on: augmented reality to optimise assembly tasks, training, digitalisation of logistics operations, and advanced data visualisation, among others.

The webinar was followed by 32 people. The speeches and presentations are available in the resources section of the website.

Following the organisation of the 4 webinars that have served to learn about existing trends and opportunities in the chosen sectors, various thematic workshops will be organised with the aim of creating cross-border consortia for the 4 economic areas. Likewise, work will be carried out with the groups and driving companies to identify the problems and potentialities that can contribute to the creation of innovation platforms and innovative solutions.